Nicer biker


The Nicer Biker Campaign was a class-driven project; prompted with the task of encouraging New Yorkers to be more safe when riding their bicycles in the city. The goal was to create a marketing technique which effectively communicated this message. 

We believe that no amount of stop signs, red lights, or traffic lanes can truly inspire individuals to be safe while riding in the streets of New York City. Instead, we encourage those to think about why being safe is so important. So, this Campaign went back to basics: the helmet. Why was the helmet, one of the most simple safety concepts so often unused? How could helmets be made a viable option again? Thus, the motto — “Protect your head, protect your dreams.”

This blackboard stood in the middle of Washington Square Park. Many people approached to discover they were prompted with the simple task of answering one question: "What are your dreams?" People then drew their dreams on the board and placed their face inside the cutout. Every individual who participated realized how quickly they could lose out on their dream if they weren't safe. If we don't protect our heads, we cannot protect our dreams.