Lauren Stein grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. Since moving to New York City, she has learned: how to make quick yet rational decisions, how to adjust accordingly, and the art of squeezing onto packed subway cars.

Lauren Stein is about to begin her fifth of five years in the BA/BFA Program at The New School for Design, studying Communication Design and Media Studies.

Communication Design gives focus to the art and design of the advertising and commercial industries. Media Studies gauges the way in which content is viewed and interacted with. This double-edged sword enables her to understand the patterns and behaviors of those who are influenced by advertising, marketing and social media while giving her the tools to shift focus to generate a stronger impact of intent. 

She is inquisitive, motivated, and open-minded. She prides herself on the quality of her ideas and work but also understands the importance of being receptive to constructive criticism. 

Lauren will graduate from The New School for Design in Spring 2018 with both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree and is currently seeking employment in the fields of graphic design, commercial and digital advertising, and experience design.